About Us

LSBC celebrates over 70 years as a private boat club. We not only have the distinction of being the oldest boat club in Broward County but we are one of the largest marina’s in the County. We provide over 265 slips to small boat owners and are one of the oldest private clubs in the county. We provide services for almost 500 small boat enthusiasts residing in Broward County that is unequaled in this area and perhaps statewide.

LSBC has grown from six men with boats under 22' looking for a place to keep them in the water, to a fantastic facility for small boating enthusiasts. We provide dockage, haul out facilities and many other conveniences for members, and we also have the unique ambience of a "club".

Our members are treated to a variety of social events which vary from monthly "Happy Hours" to Fishing & Holiday events for members and their families. We have grown immensely over the past 50 plus years, from a hole in the ground that accommodated a few boats to a family oriented Boat Club that can reflect on these years with pride and a sense of accomplishment.

Thanks to the sweat-equity and donations of our members, we have been able to provide the special atmosphere and surroundings that our members have come to enjoy, appreciate and expect from our club.